How To Put A California Blind? – Window Blinds In Houston

All the explanations for putting a custom window blinds with vertical stripes on the ceiling or on the wall.


Vertical blind

Anchors and screws

Angle brackets and anchor clips in case of installation

Necessary tools

  • 1 meter
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 spirit level
  • 1 large ruler or 1 large cleat
  • 1 drill and 1 drill adapted to the nature of the wall
  • 1 hammer
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 hacksaw
  • 1 box of cut
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 clip

Where to fix the custom window blinds with vertical stripes?

Window covering or partitioning, Californian custom window blinds are perfect for dressing large windows and bay windows, separate a room to delimit for example a sleeping area and even install on sloping sides to adapt to a particular configuration. under slope.

Applied laying

If the window or bay window is flush with the wall, the installation is applied above the window with brackets sold separately. Plan a laying about 10 centimeters above the window and have a little margin on each side because the blades folded on one side occupy about 13% of the space of all slats placed in extension.

Ceiling installation

If the window or bay window rises high enough to the ceiling or is installed in a deep embrasure, prefer the installation on the ceiling or above the embrasure if the latter solution still allows you to open the window leaves.

How to fix the blind with vertical stripes applied?

Using a long ruler or a batten surmounted by a spirit level, draw the installation height of the rail on each side. Position each square and mark the piercing points in pencil. Drill the housing of the pegs holding the machine well perpendicular. The stop of the drill avoids going too far in the wall. Once the holes are drilled, engage the dowels by hand, then push them with the hammer until they are flush with the wall. Then tighten the fixing brackets of the awning.

To fix the rail, screw the anchor clips to the brackets and then clip the rail.

How to fix a California custom window blinds to the ceiling?

In this type of installation, the axis of the rail must be at least 6 centimeters away from the wall, the sliding bay or the window. Use a long ruler or large cleat to trace the attachment point of each bracket.

Drill the holes taking care to hold the drill perpendicularly. Then push the dowels and screw each of the clips to the ceiling, well in the axis of installation of the future rail that will come cling.

How to install the slats of the Californian blind.

If the height of the slats corresponds perfectly to the floor-rail height, simply fold the fabric leaving a lenght of 2 centimeters then slide the small rod in the fold before returning it in the rod and finally to clip one by one the suspension bars of the slats with the sliding hooks on the rail. In the lower part, each slat is equipped with a weight plate slipped into a hem. Assemble the strips together with the supplied chain.

How to shorten the slats?

To adapt your California custom window blinds to the height of your installation, the slats can be shortened at the top, leaving the lower part with its weighted hem intact. Unhook the slide of the rail then release the bar. For convenience, it is best to work flat on a table. Fold the fabric to the desired height leaving a lenght of 2 centimeters. Slide the small rod inside the fold and return it in the bar. Hang the bar on the rail. Reduce the slats one by one and check that they are all level before cutting the excess fabric.

How to shorten the rail by less than 15 cm?

This is the simplest case because the mechanism and the wires remain in place. Unscrew the opposite end of the chain and push back the mechanism after the rail segment to remove. Saw the excess and replace the tip. On the side of the chain, the first carriage is blocked by clipping. Unclip and isolate this cart with another to compensate for the length of your cut. Block them. Remove the insulated hooks with pliers so that they do not interfere with the orientation of the slats.

How to shorten the rail by more than 15 cm?

Beyond 15 cm, the reduction is a little more complex. Unscrew the opposite end of the chain, release the carriage next to the chain. Remove the mechanism and the number of carriages to be removed, but do not remove the orientation rod. Detach the cord from the carriage. Flatten the lug of the metal sipe with pliers to remove the number of unnecessary trolleys. Replace the elements in the rail, taking care of the passage of the wires. Push the assembly towards the chain making sure to keep the orientation rod well nested in its housing, near the chain. Re-clip the 1st trolley to block it and saw the excess rail before replacing the tip.

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