A Guide About What Type Of Bicycle Should I Buy?

In order to make the most of their purchase, users need to be pretty critical in their thinking before going for a new bicycle. Depending on their age, physique, health and the type of usage, different users should go for different types of bicycles. Because when one bike isn’t suitable for different types of terrains, same is the case with the user having distinct physical characteristics.

So if you’re about to take a plunge in the biking market, have a look at the below-mentioned guide. After dissecting different usages of this vehicle, it will then recommend the ideal bike for each such scenario.


Type Of Usage

Different users have different needs when it comes to riding a bike. For Example, when one of them is going to use his bicycle for leisure purposes, there is another who would want to participate in a racing competition. And then comes the rider who wants to have some adventure while riding his bicycle. So depending on different personal needs, here are different types of bikes, suitable for each scenario.


Leisure/Road Riding

For a person who would use his bicycle on the weekends or just to commute to and from his workplace, road bikes should be their ideal choice. Since speed is not a concern over here, the use of this bike can make the journey worthwhile for its valuable users.

In addition to that, road bikes are ideal for smooth surfaces incorporating flat tires. So when a customer is looking for no extraordinary set of features, he or she can also live within a budget via these cheap road bikes.



Considering the users who’ve to commute to a far off place via their bike, they should go for the touring bikes. Since a person has to ride this bike on a frequent basis, its imperious quality of construction helps them in a number of ways.

First of all, its upright edifice wicks away the back pain as the user will sit straight while riding this vehicle. Secondly, the availability of gear system makes it easy to travel from one place to other without any trouble. Lastly, the touring bikes are self-sufficient to carry your additional load.So if you’re about to go on a long expedition, this purchase can prove to be a real handful.


Off-Road/Adventure Riding

From tracking through a garden to riding on a mountain, all such categories lies in the range of off-road riding. Basically, this sort of riding attracts adventure-oriented riders who will never go near to a smooth terrain while riding the bicycle. So a bike which can cope up with such kind of usage needs to have a pretty tough MOC. And this is where the Mountain bikes gain utmost importance.

Having a special kind of shock absorbance system, the Mountain bikes consists of a series of gears in their armory. Such kind of construction comes handy in climbing as the rider can change the gear as per his or her convenience. Apart from it, their tires are wider which won’t fall apart on a rugged surface. But when they are tailor-made for mountain climbing, one should not use this type of bike on a smooth terrain. Because when it comes to achieving the necessary speed on the road, these kinds of bikes lack any such feature.

Coming towards the professionals, Fixed Gear Bikes are ideal for them. These are the vehicles which run ferociously on the course.


Frequency Of Usage

Before spending a decent amount of money on this acquisition, customers are recommended to look at how frequently are they going to use the bicycle. For Example, if you’re obtaining the bike for nothing more than recreational purposes, go for the inexpensive versions.

But for a user who would need this vehicle to commute on the daily basis, one should go for the expensive versions. Because even when such customers have to spend a decent amount of money upfront, it will save them from spending anything on the subsequent maintenance.

Finally, for all such customers who’re unsure about their passion for cycling, they should lend a bicycle before purchasing it. After the passage of time, they will eventually find out that whether their passion for this sport was momentary or are they really serious about cycling.


Final Verdict

As with any other walk of life, one shouldn’t make a haphazard decision regarding the purchase of a new bike. They should be pretty clear in their decision as nobody wants to make a costly mistake. Remember this acquisition is going to be your companion on the road. So in thecase of a mistake, you’ll have to suffer direly. However, if you’ve read the aforementioned guide in a thorough manner, the chances of making a mistake are now extremely grim.

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