Help With Writing Thesis And 25 LinkedIn Profile Writing

To accompany doctoral students in the Thesis Writing Help of their thesis, Doc’INSA offers various tools

Training in the Writing of Long Structured Documents (RLDS) ,

Models of thesis dissertations  (style sheets, administrative documents to be inserted),

General recommendations  : presentation and list of the structural elements of the thesis, language of the thesis ,

Guide for LinkedIn Profile Writing bibliographical references , indispensable for quickly LinkedIn Profile Writing accurate and respectful references to academic conventions,

Guide for the doctoral student of the University of Lyon .

Thesis submissions

The proposed thesis model (Word) includes:

a manual

an example content that you just have to replace with your own text.

This model is declined in several versions of presentation:

Basic version: Overview (pdf) and templates  (zip)

Classic version: Overview  (pdf) and templates  (zip)

Modern version: Overview  (pdf) and templates  (zip)

Model title page for a co-supervised thesis

Each version (zip archive) contains two files (.dot): the cover page and the body of the document. Accompanying (.doc) files show which style is applied to each paragraph.

General recommendations for writing a thesis


justify the text

choose a character of good readability and a sufficient size: 11 to 12 points

single spacin

left and right margin 2.5 cm

1.5 cm high margin

low margin of 2 cm

Elements of the structure of the thesis


title page

dedication (optional)

thanks (optional)

abstracts / keywords in French and English


Table of Contents

list of abbreviations (optional)

list of tables and figures

text of the thesis



index of terms used (optional)


administrative folio (back cover)

25 LinkedIn tips to be seen! [Tips]

#LinkedIn #SMO #Employ #Ereputation

Finding customers, a job in gold, fortune and professional happiness is our dream, right? LinkedIn is the social network best placed to propel your career all the way up to the stars of success. My tips for taking off your profile.

Looking for the perfect LinkedIn profile to seduce crowds of feverish recruiters ? Come on, here you are embarked for a good reading session where you will learn all you need to know to become a guru LinkedIn worthy of the name. Take notes, apply these precious tips to the letter, and reap the fruits of your orchard before they rot.

Since the announcement of the acquisition of LinkedIn by the US giant Microsoft , this social network is really on the rise. Many innovations have already been developed since the summer of 2016, such as articles and the arrival of hashtags . In short, it became the ” in ” place to network!

Optimize your pro profile with love

More than just tips for Linkedin, these good practices are essential to showcase your skills and the delicious skills that make you a candidate like no other. With these tips in your wallet, you will have all the tools on your side to magnify your personal branding in the rules of the art.

Guide for your LinkedIn profile

Over time and ideas, this list of LinkedIn tips will evolve and I will make the necessary updates to improve this collection of tips. If you have any ideas to improve this tutorial, do not hesitate to let me know!

A perfect LinkedIn profile is possible?

Well, of course, we can philosophize for hours on the notion of perfection. We can always do better, all the time, and in all areas.


It is exactly for this reason that this article will be updated as regularly as possible, to follow new practices.

In February 2017, a complete edesign of the LinkedIn interface remediates many of our habits. The perfect LinkedIn profile does not exist for eternity!

Free accounts are now more limited, to promote the subscription to the features of the Premium offer.

Given this more closed situation, it is even more important to take great care of your profile. So, fill each section carefully.

To be successful in Thesis Writing Help your profile, I strongly recommend you start with a rough draft.

We start with a beautiful blank page.

Yes, in paper, let go a little your screen for a moment!

We will do design thinking , applied to your course!

Follow a chronological plan then a segmentation by skills.

Indeed, there must be a strong logical connection between the tasks you have completed and your skills.

Yes: it’s better by reading it.

Make a plan, and do not hesitate to cut into steps. Then specify the main tasks you have done for each position. Be specific, you have to find a dozen or so.


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