The Gray Suit 4men In 5 Lessons

With the complicity of the soul singer Raphael Saadiq, GQ reveals how it is still possible today to see in the gray suit 4men a friend who wants you well. Demonstration in 10 points.


Two-button jacket and straight pants slightly tapered, socks barely apparent and black shoes impeccable: refinement in simplicity, or how not to poison life with bits of fabric.

  1. The fashion version

The border between noble materials and raw fabrics has never been so fine. Denim has made a spectacular breakthrough in everyday elegance. It will only last a while, let’s take advantage now. With a tie or a butterfly, the denim or chambray shirt is the sporty outfit of the moment, which this vest (darker, you’ll notice) comes to make you responsible. The total look here is not to be taken literally. These variations around a theme are style exercises to allow you to consider your own solutions. Burberry

  1. The suit 4men accessorized

Yesterday, as well as today, the bow tie is an extremely sensitive accessory, to handle with great care. Clivant, it requires the greatest precaution. In its most GQ use, it must be approached with respect so as not to wear it too lightly (the gag side, its biggest current defect). Here is the seriousness of a very deep gray suit 4men that gives the “the”. The butterfly, in silk, sports a simple pattern driven by noble colors. It’s not because we are not kidding, that we are bored. It is right here matter of maturity of the matters and deep harmony. NB: No, Malcolm X does not turn in his grave. Dolce & Gabbana

  1. The preppy gray

A diligent reader of GQ, you have read, understood and remembered a thousand times that the preppy spirit is one of casual, but above all well-behaved youth. The codes are simple, permanent and strict, the pallet of pieces limited to an optimal, Trans generational cloakroom. Here, the striped woolen tie is reminiscent of this allegiance to the code where color associations are, historically, charged with class symbolism. Today, it is especially remembered that two or three colors per outfit are amply sufficient, and that originality is created in the constancy. The white polo reinforces the solemnity. The medium gray / clear boasts a nuanced freshness. Prada

  1. The business club

Classic: white shirt, tie and black shoes. It smells like cold coffee in meetings, ministerial paraphernalia and old negotiating techniques learned at school, but we have not found anything better to look serious at work. Accessories like cufflinks and pouch sublimate the function. What is only a simple dynamic executive uniform becomes the tailor-made attire of the businessman. Take a black suit 4men and you will immediately see that this businessman falls from the top of his pyramid and becomes underling. It’s sad, but that’s the way it is.

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