A TEAM OF SEASONED EXPERTS- Residential Window Tinting

ProteckTint is the perfect company for business window tinting for residential and commercial properties as well as for cars and boats. Tinted films help greatly in regulating the ambient temperature of your property’s sunny spots in commercial space, regardless of the sun’s position. The rooms and offices of your building will always keep their freshness in summer.

Tinted glass is an affordable and effective way to extend the life of your furniture by preventing fading from the sun. You will find at ProteckTint a wide range of Llama Residential Window Tinting films at your disposal, including installation by our specialists, offered at very competitive prices. At our address, you will find the ideal film type to perfectly meet your needs. All films sold at ProteckTint are 100% compliant with the standards and regulations in force.

At ProteckTint, we offer various types of Llama tinted films, all fully compliant with current standards and regulations. Our specialists will be able to determine with you which type of film best suits your needs, while taking into account your budget.

Whether you are from the North Shore or the South Shore of Montreal, contact the nearest branch to get more information about our various services or to make an appointment today with us. One of our specialists. Protectant is the company to contact for all your tinted glass requirements for your property in the commercial sector.

Tinted Windows Mar-Tint offers its commercial tinted glass installation services to boutiques, restaurants, schools, businesses, and more. With more than 25 years of experience, we are able to observe your workplace and offer you the best commercial Residential Window Tintingto best meet your needs.

Tinted Windows Mar-Tint offers you commercial tinted windows offering the following benefits:

Specializes in the installation of glazing films: tinted windows, solar protection films, security films, decorative films, and all other types of films for commercial, residential and industrial glazing.

“Our mission is to select the best products offered by the film industry and to carry out all our installation projects in the state of the art.”

Our team will offer you the most appropriate solutions to improve your spaces and solve the problems posed by glazing: problems of privacy, sun protection, energy saving, security, burglary…

Specialists in tinted windows in Montérégie

We offer a wide range of tinted films for car bodies, car windows and residential and commercial buildings.

We guarantee a professional installation and courteous service, in addition to offering you the best warranty in the industry!

A team of experts at your service

We are specialized in the installation of tinted windows. We operate on cars, boats and trailers. For 20 years, we have been able to satisfy our clientele composed of individuals, car dealership, industry and sales. We realize the installation of tinted windows of your vehicle, whatever its mark. We also offer our services for the installation of solar film and security film. We also have a franchise called PROTEX qualified for the installation of stone guard. Know that we work closely with some SMEs in the region. We guarantee you quality work.

For your windows

We offer our services to salespeople who wish to benefit from a decorative window. Our team installs tinted glass for your shop or store. We are equipped with high-performance equipment and advanced machines. Our company has 2 elevators and 2 service vehicles. Our certified employees respond in a timely manner. Discover our different promotions and special offers! The quality of our work at attractive rates is one of our priorities. To get an idea of ​​the budget to be prepared, you can ask us for a free quote.

In addition to providing a distinguished look, Residential Window Tinting offer significant benefits in terms of safety, protection and comfort.

Tinted windows act as visual barriers. They protect your belongings now protected from prying eyes and reduce the risk of theft.

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