Recumbent Bikes VS Upright Bikes

If you are considering an indoor bike for training or workout, you will surely be presented with different types of equipment. However, for this article, we will be focusing on recumbent and upright exercise bikes for comparison. These two types are the most common nowadays and to help you decide which one to get, I will be pointing out their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Some of the best recumbent exercise bike reviews that you will find online will not only help you select the best brand or model to go with. You will also discover that there are many factors that can be considered to make sure you are getting what you really needed.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes.

Recumbent type of bikes is designed to help people do their workout with better support on their back. Compared to upright bikes, this type has a chair like design which makes the workout position more comfortable. Most of the time, older people use recumbent bikes to ensure that they don’t put too much pressure on their back. On the other hand, some who may have suffered from back injury may benefit from it as well.

Aside from this, unlike upright exercise bikes, recumbent bikes do not require you to place your hand on the handle. This means that you can do other things such as reading, playing games or hold that remote for changing channels on the TV.


  • Comfortable design, like seating on a chair.
  • Your hands are free.
  • Offers back support.
  • Can be used by people with some health or back conditions.


  • More expensive than upright bikes.
  • Takes more space inside the house.

Upright Bikes.

On the other hand, upright bikes are the most common type of indoor exercise bikes that you can also see inside the gyms. Older models still exist but newer ones are definitely something to look forward to. Almost all of them offer more features where in some have LCD displays available to track your progress during your workout.

Upright exercise bikes are very versatile as it resembles a traditional bike compared to recumbent ones. You can even stand on the bike while doing your workout to make it look and feel as if you are riding them outdoors. As it does not require you to remain seated, this means that you can do more intense workout with it. Upright exercise bikes are most of the time foldable which makes it easier to store especially for small spaces.


  • More affordable than recumbent exercise bikes.
  • Takes less space at home.
  • Position resembles a traditional bike.
  • Offers quality cardio workout.
  • Easy storage, foldable design.



  • Not advisable for those with back conditions.
  • Seats are not that comfortable compared to recumbent bikes.

Overall, it is always best to make sure that you are getting the right type of indoor workout bike so that you can utilize them properly. Although it will not fully substitute a real bike, there are still a lot of benefits that you can get. Talk about winter season or rainy days wherein you won’t be able to ride your bike outdoors. These exercise bikes will surely let you continue your workout no matter what and still be able to continue getting physically fit.

Choose an upright bike if you wanted to have an equipment that resembles a real bike. Bear in mind thought that this is advisable if you do not have any problems with your back. With that said, a recumbent bike would be recommended for those that have back pain or problems.

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