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When you are sad, what do you do?

When you are sad, what do you do?

  • When you are down, who is the primary individual who strikes a chord?
  • The Mummy or the Cars 3 questions to ask a girl Which one might to want to watch?
  • Which TV arrangement do you want to watch more-Friends or Game of Thrones?
  • Nuclear or Joint family-which one improve?
  • Which is more your sort of scene-the club or a musical?
  • Which animal do you think depicts you the best?
  • How would you spend your Sundays?
  • Are you a morning or a night individual?
  • Out on the town, who do you think should pay-the person or the questions to ask a girl
  • Do you figure individuals should share the bill when out on the town?
  • A day shopping or a day relaxing in the park; which is more probable your ideal day decision?
  • Would you acquaint me with your parents next time?
  • What do you think about the general population immigrating and working here?
  • Do you like children? Do you like playing with them?
  • On the off chance that you see me crying, what might you do?
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