Property Valuation For Litigation

Disputes about the value of property on the size of tax liabilities and many other issues may become an occasion to attract evaluation experts to prepare an expert opinion on the market value of the valuation object.

Our experts are ready to prepare an independent expert opinion on property valuation for litigation:

  • On the value of property, rights
  • On the cadastral value of real estate
  • About the amount of damage

To protect the interests of clients in litigation, we are ready to offer full legal support.

In the conditions of the constantly developing and changing economy, the development of the real estate market, the formation and expansion of small and medium-sized businesses, the problem of determining the exact value of movable and immovable property, in particular, the valuation of the apartment in Yekaterinburg, as well as the valuation of securities and business valuation, becomes urgent.

Since the value of assets is simultaneously influenced by many factors, including those specific for each industry, it is almost impossible to independently calculate or even to guess the final market price, the probability of error is high, and both understatement and overestimation of the price can lead to losses.

That is why to properly calculate the value of the property should contact the experts of the valuation company. The Expert Analytical Center of Expert-Com LLC in Yekaterinburg is pleased to provide you with a full range of services for evaluating different types of property or property rights. Our specialists will provide you with the necessary assistance in long-term planning, implementation of business processes, preparation of documents for an object for sale.

Expert appraisal of property is carried out at registration of a pledge for obtaining a loan, making property in the authorized capital, registration of insurance (actual not only for real estate, but also for cars, equipment), legal registration of the inheritance and in a number of other cases.

Evaluation of property rights is indispensable if it is necessary to take a responsible management decision (merger, acquisition of companies), redeem state property, revalue the assets of the enterprise, etc.

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Features of work in assessing property:

The main goal of the expert-analytical center is to conduct a comprehensive analysis, during which we not only determine the real value of the property, but also find ways to increase it and make the most effective use of it.

The basic principles of our company’s work are rendering highly professional services, efficiency and quality of work, an individual approach.

Specialists of LLC Expert-Kim have a vast experience in appraisal activity, carry out work in the following areas:

Assessment of all types of property (individual housing, commercial real estate, land, cars, securities, etc.);

  • Carrying out of marketing researches;
  • Auto Insurance;
  • Development of business plans and investment projects, financial analysis;
  • Legal services (legal services, registration of land or real estate);
  • Technical examination of real estate.

Detailed information on the services provided can be found in the subject catalogs on the website. Everywhere is indicated the cost of services.

For our clients there is an opportunity to arrange motor insurance with a discount. To do this, you need to inform the manager that you learned about the service on the site.

Valuation of real estate is a set of measures aimed at identifying the exact value of valuation objects with a view to their further sale, leasing, purchase, division or transfer by inheritance. The company “Major Assistance” provides appraisal services in the field of real estate, guaranteeing the accuracy and fairness of the conclusions!

Evaluation of real estate for the purpose of establishing market value is one of the most sought-after services in the valuation business, requiring knowledge of the market situation and the specifics of the facilities. It is necessary for any transactions, including buying, selling, leasing, division, inheritance and a number of other transactions. Often, in the above cases, when lending with the placement of an object as a pledge, involving it in any business projects and legal proceedings, as well as in determining the amount of damage to real estate, as a consequence of the occurrence of insured events, an independent property evaluation is required.

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