Some Ideas For Exposing Your Prints On Canvas

Make print your memories, photos of your loved ones, works of art … and expose them in number! The display of your paintings is not necessarily “one by one” – here are some ideas to expose pretty accumulations of photos at home …

Create a photo grid with prints or square frames. It’s pretty and symmetrical, and you can even tell a story. View similar photos … or not!

Display the different events of a wedding: Beautiful wedding photos will make a beautiful grid that tells the day. Memories of a lifetime

Mix the B & W and color photos  ! Photos or paintings, by the way. You can create a very interesting frame by alternating B & W photos and solid color squares, for example.

Create a photo collage on a canvas – print a lot of photos on the same canvas; it’s a dynamic and interesting design, which will bring together lots of nice pictures

Parrot Canvas Prints nice to start conversations with guests! Assemble different sizes and colors, and mix the topics, or choose a theme .

Create a collage of children: It will be a great memory when they grow up, and their pretty faces will bring a touch of gaiety to the walls of the living room.

Create a collage of important events: a big birthday, a wedding, a trip of a lifetime … you will relive these moments at each entry into the room …

Get things that inspire you – for example, to motivate you to work! The places you want to visit, your favorite quotes, an artist you admire … In the office, these paintings will bring you motivation and inspiration every time you look at them!

View different sizes and shapes  – Create patterns with canvases of different shapes and sizes. With square canvases, it’s easy, you can make a grid. To combine different canvases, do ground tests to find a good balance and harmony.

You can plan everything with geometric precision , by measuring your canvases and drawing the pattern on paper. For example, you can display a large canvas, and enough small canvas to arrange on the height of the large canvas (ex: a canvas of 100 cm, and 10 paintings of 8 cm leaving space between them).

Or, do not worry about math – just visualize the space your display will take on the wall, and arrange the images (ground first) in the way you like most. Tip: Take a picture once you have your ideal floor design, to recreate it on the wall.

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