Ocean Of Games – Tips And Tricks

With Endless Ocean 2: Adventurers of the Seabed, make this beautiful underwater world your personal playground by exploring rivers and oceans in search of rare species, precious treasures and secrets as old as the world.

There is so much to see and do that you may need to be guided a little as you progress through these unknown underwater regions.How to find fish

When you go diving in Endless Ocean 2: Adventurers of the seabed, you will never miss any species to observe, but it can happen that you find yourself in the middle of a colony of eels when all that you need, it’s a shark!

If, for example, you are taking on a mission to take a picture of a particular fish, but you do not remember where in the world it is, here is a little trick to help you. In the marine encyclopedia, even the fish that you have not yet met or added to your encyclopedia will appear in the form of a silhouette. Once you’ve played the main game, select one of these silhouettes and you’ll see information about where to find that fish.

Of course, when you find yourself under the surface of the water, your work is not finished because you must try to get as close as possible to your favorite fish. If you’re looking for a small fish, you’d better take Oceane as a diving partner and use your knowledge as you scour the area. On the other hand, if it’s a big fish that you track down, give yourself the services of Hayako, the expert in aquatic life. Do not forget that some fish come out of hiding only at certain times of the day.

Keep all these tips in mind and you will soon find that no marine animal is cunning enough not to be discovered!So that the adventure does not end in fish tail …

Do you prefer to just dip or put yourself in the bath right away? With Endless Ocean 2: Adventurers of the seabed, the diving equipment you acquire opens up a sea of ​​possibilities for conducting your explorations in complete freedom, without having to keep an eye on your dwindling supply of oxygen.

If most of the important upgrades you need to unlock new sites will be available to you as you progress through the plot, there may be times when you regret not having dedicated a little more time and money to equip yourself with the best material available.

Whether it is to recover buried items, to guide, to map unexplored funds or to accept other missions, all these activities will earn you money that you can hand over to Nancy , on the Isle of the Nine Game, in exchange for cutting-edge diving equipment. And if these side missions somewhat upset your stubborn determination to clear up bigger mysteries, you’ll find that this noble quest is much easier if you’re well equipped.

If you run out of air, you must simply return to the surface and start your dive again. But if it happens to you as you approach the truth about the Scream of Dragons and enter ever deeper and darker waters, it’s a safe bet that frustration will win you and you’ll regret not coming in correctly. prepare !Some very useful indications

There is so much to see and do in Endless ocean of games Seaplane Adventurers that sometimes you may wonder where to go to continue the adventure. This could be especially true if you followed the advice above and performed side missions instead of continuing the main plot of the game.

But do not be afraid; There are many ways to find out what opportunities are open to you when you are trying to steer your adventure differently. First, remember your friends. On the New Game Island, your passionate companions in the underwater world can give you suggestions for your next step or reveal some of the most important information.

In the same way, do not miss to regularly consult the notebook which is on the Island of the Game of Nine. There you’ll find lots of information about missions that have not yet been completed, a summary of the story to where you are, tips on where to find rare items, and much more.

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