[Mod] Overlord [1.9.4 – 1.11.2] – Minecraft Military Mod Guide

  • Author: The_Fireplace
  • Minecraft Military Mod Version: 1.9.4, 1.10.2 & 1.11.2
  • Version of the mod: 1.0.2

xzulunn - Overlord

If you play minecraft military mod for a long time, you certainly know the Clay Soldiers mod , which made it possible to fight clay people at your pleasure and for your greatest amusement. This mod, although available for minecraft military mod 1.7.10, has been somewhat forgotten, but The_Fireplace proposes to take over with Overlord. But this time, these are skeletons that you will control. Each soldier can be personalized from A to Z, from equipment to behavior. Moreover, a skeleton will be able to gain levels if you deign to put the price, which will make it even more effective in combat.


How it works ?

For starters, you’ll need to make a Skeleton Maker and an Overlord’s Seal.

Then, keep the Overlord’s Seal in your hand and right-click to declare yourself the owner. He will gain the glowy enchanted effect.

After that, place your skeleton maker.

ss2016-10-04at10-14-02 - Overlord

To make a Skeleton warrior:

There are several things you will need to build your warrior:

  • 3 stacks of bone piles (3 x 64 bones)
  • 2 buckets of milk (it will store the milk in its inner tank and give you empty buckets back)
  • Your Overlord’s Seal. (Make sure you have declared yourself proprietor, or your soldier will not obey you)
  • All the equipment you want to give to your skeleton warrior. (You can change his equipment at any time)


ss2016-10-04at10-24-19 - Overlord

to evolve your skeleton warrior:

To make your skeleton warrior more powerful, first right click on him to access his interface.

ss2016-10-04at10-26-53 - Overlord

Then put buckets of milk in his inventory, and he will drink them. The higher the level, the more milk you have to give to increase again.

ss2016-10-04at10-29-43 - Overlord

Heal your skeleton warrior:

If your skeleton warrior has been wounded in battle, or his max health has increased through a level gain, do not worry, he can be healed. Shift + right click while holding a bucket of milk in hand on it.

The different AIs of your warrior:

enknomo - Overlord


  • Stationed – Your warrior does not move.
  • Follower – Your warrior will follow you, a bit like a pet (Wolves, ocelot ..).
  • Wander Aera – Your warrior will wander within a 32-block radius of where he is when you selected this option.


  • Aggressive – Your warrior will attack any potential threat. Unalloyed players, hostile mobs, and everything that attacks him.
  • Defensive – Your warrior will fight hostile mobs and anything that attacks him.
  • Passive – Your warrior will be pacifist and will not attack anymore even if he is attacked.


The commands in multi:

  • / ally <PlayerName>: Create an alliance with a player
  • / allyaccept: To accept an alliance request
  • / allylist: To see the list of allies
  • / allyreject: To reject an alliance request
  • / allyremove: To remove an ally


In-game overview: Download:2016-10-04_22-39-39 - Overlord

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