Lebron James Net Worth He Is One Of The Biggest Stars In NBA

If you follow Basketball and watch the NBA games, you would know that Lebron James is one of the biggest stars in NBA. He is incredibly talented and a superb hard worker. He current plays for Cleveland Cavaliers and has helped his team win a number of trophies over the years. Many of his fans want to know how his success has on the court converted to financial success. How much is Lebron James net worth? How much he earns every year? And how much he earns from the various brand endorsement deals that he has? Well, these are all legit questions about one of the biggest sports stars in the world. And in this article we are going to discuss all these questions.


So, we will start off with the biggest question of all. What is the Lebron James net worth details? Well, according to the details, Lebron James basketball superstar has total net worth of $300 million. He has earned this massive net worth with his huge salary and his immense brand endorsement deals with various international brands. According to the Lebron James salary information, the superstar earns a total salary of $30.96 million. And this is his salary in the year 2016. We can expect the salary of Lebron James to increase in the coming year 2017 and may be in 2018 as well.


You might be surprised to know that Basketball salary is not the biggest source of income for Lebron James. His biggest source of income is his huge brand endorsement deals. According to reports, Lebron James endorsement income is more than $53 million. Some of the major brands that Lebron James endorses are as follows:

  • Nike – It is one of the most popular choices for brand endorsements for sports stars around the world. The Nike’s brand endorsement deal with Lebron James is one of the most expensive deals that Nike currently has.
  • Kia – This is a unique deal, as it involves an automaker that is not based in the US. The South Korean automaker is banking on the Lebron James popularity in order to drive some sales.
  • Coca-Cola – If you are a superstar as big as Lebron James, you are sure to be approached by Coca-Cola. The company has a brand endorsement contract with Lebron James and the basketball superstar is frequently seen in Coca-Cola advertisements.
  • Samsung – This is another company from South Korea having Lebron James as its brand ambassador.
  • McDonald’s – Yes, Lebron James has a brand endorsement deal with McDonald’s as well. The superstar surely has his eye on different industries including Fast food.


As you can see, Lebron James has brand endorsement deals with some of the biggest brands in the world. We can expect the Lebron James net worth to grow further in future. Although the player is in the latter half of his career, we can still expect him to give great performances in next couple of years. And with this his salary and his huge brand endorsement deals will continue to increase his total net worth. But more importantly, the fans will be able to see more of this incredible basketball player.

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