The United States, Prison Telecom Inmate Phone Call Services

billion industry, led by two private equity firms  [2]  [3]  : 23  – Global Tel Link (GTL) with a 50% market share in 2015 .  [2]  [4]  and Securus Technologies, with 20%. [2]  [4] The telecommunications industry prison has faced a review suppliers under normal telephone by the US telecommunications regulator, the FCC, to regulate the costs, the DC Circuit Appeals Court has found that its policy contravened the Telecommunications Act, which prohibits the FCC from regulating intrastate communications.


persons with whom. [5]  Call limits vary according to the prison house rule, but calls are generally limited to 15 minutes each, and inmate phone call services must wait 30 minutes before being allowed to make another call. [6]  Calls are recorded and monitored by prison staff. [7]  Telephone credits are generally accessible via an inmate account card. [8]  Since 2001, the Federal Bureau of Prisons requires that use be limited to 300 minutes per month. [1]

20%. [2]  New York-based of more than $ 5 mandate and offered communications, investigative, facility management, visitation, payment and deposit and content solutions to inmates. [11]

American Securities, based in New York, bought GLT for $ 1 billion in 2011, and ABRY Partners, based in Boston, bought Securus in 2013 for $ 640 million. [2]  > When global private equity firm Castle Harlan acquired Securus Technologies from HIG Capital in 2011, they claimed Securus was “the leading provider” of “inmate telecommunication for the correctional industry”. [12]

Service rate

Prior to the 1990s, telephone rates in prisons were similar to those offered to the general public by commercial providers. [2]  Since then, cell phone service providers have begun charging higher rates for telephone services than traditional residential telephone service. Illinois MP Bobby L. Rush introduced “The Family Phone Connection Protection Act, 2007” which opened the discussion on rate regulation for inmate phone call services. [13] This bill identified the actual costs of telephone services in prisons and it was hoped that rates would be standardized providers in 2009 or 2010.

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