Mask With Cucumber “Blow Of Brightness” To Make Oneself

Refreshing, this mask with cucumber face mask for the face smoothes the skin, quenches it and makes it brighter. Use immediately after manufacture.


cucumber face mask : A true cocktail of vitamins, trace elements and minerals, it is particularly moisturizing and softening. It also brings radiance and light to dull complexions.

Its purifying and slightly astringent action is interesting for combination and oily skin.

Honey: It is full of mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins, formic acid, antibiotic and aromatic substances. The honey is both antiseptic, cleansing, softening, antioxidant, regenerating, moisturizing, healing and emollient.

The fresh cream :With its nourishing, moisturizing and softening properties, it brings extra water to the skin. It also restores radiance to the complexion thanks to its lactic acid content.



4 or 5 slices of organic cucumber

1/4 teaspoon of honey

1 tablespoon of fresh cream


Peel the cucumber face mask and slice it.

Place the slices and the cream in a blender.

Mix and add the honey.

Mix, it’s ready!

HOW TO USE THE cucumber face mask AND HONEY MASK?

Divide the mask over the entire neck and face, with the exception of the eye area.

Leave on for 5 minutes.

Make a light circular massage with your fingertips.

Rinse the mask with clear water.

Then apply your usual moisturizer.

Integrate this care into your beauty routine by using it once a week. You can also do it for a quick beauty, before a party for example, to restore freshness and tone to the skin.

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Favor the use of raw materials and ingredients from organic farming.

Respect rigorous hygiene during the manufacture of the mask.

Do not forget to clean and disinfect your hands, utensils and containers that you will use, as well as the work plan.

Perform a skin test by applying a small amount of product to the fold of the elbow or wrist. No reaction after 48 hours? You can enjoy it.

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There is an image that has become a real symbol when we think of natural alternatives to look after our face: a girl with two cucumber slices on her eyes, one of the best natural remedies for removing dark circles and refreshing the look. cucumber face mask has become a common ingredient in cosmetic care. That’s why on we give you several tips to know how to make cucumber masks for your face , quickly and easily. With these options, your skin will be radiant.

Well-made cosmetic cucumber

The cucumber has become a natural remedy widely used in the field of beauty since it brings to our skin a good dose of vitamin E , water and natural oils that can moisturize and restore its vitality . It increases the freshness of our face and helps the skin to recover from damage caused by factors such as sun, acne or burns because it is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory.

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All these cosmetic benefits of cucumber face mask make it an excellent choice for making facial masks at home.

Mask with cucumber, honey and olive oil

As you just read, cucumber is a great ingredient to moisturize and revitalize your skin, and by adding olive oil that contains a lot of vitamin E and honey, loaded with antioxidants, you can make a mask incredible natural for your face.

For that, you just need to:

Half of a fully peeled cucumber

A spoonful of honey

A spoonful of olive oil

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