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How To Succeed In Sales – 10 Good Reasons To Get Started!

10 Good Reasons To Get Started!

1-The Sale Is A Rewarding Profession

It is becoming more and more true. Faced with international competition, the emergence of new markets via the Internet and new purchasing attitudes in BtoC and BtoB, the need to sell more and better changes the mentalities on the commercial function In all enterprises.

2-The Sale Leads To Everything

True. In many areas of activity, the career development of Sales Managers or Marketing Managers who first went through the field sales are there to testify.

3-The Seller Must Be Smart.

True to 100%. The image of the salesman-lambda baratineur whose only talent is to ‘force the hand’ to the customer, has long gone. The profiles that are and will be increasingly sought after by recruiters are those of young graduates who are able to become sellers-consultants, and thus understand their market by analyzing demand and advocating solutions.

4-Good Sellers Are ‘Winners’

True. The best success stories owe nothing to chance. The salespeople who make a lot of money love, like athletes, challenges and, like them also, ‘get pleasure’ by scoring points. Their know-how, their way of positivity and their personal attitude in life, explain many things.

5-The Sale Is A Rewarding Trade.

This is true both in terms of personal development and customer relations. Vendors are in constant contact with the outside world and with very diverse personalities whom they must understand and satisfy. But what is the purpose of any company if not to develop all its customer contacts? This enrichment is therefore worth gold.

6-To Sell, You Have To Be Creative.

True. Both a technician and a psychologist, the seller is a complete man! He is asked a reasoning capacity (resources of the left brain, structured, analytical …) but also a good dose of imagination and appropriation to rebound constantly in sales interview (resources of the right brain, Intuition, the spirit of synthesis, creativity …).

7-Sales Are Open To Women

Even more true today than yesterday! Recruiters and recruitment firms are all looking for sales people for their added value, their recognized qualities of seriousness, perseverance, endurance … Many of them succeed in sales, including technical products .

8-Success Is Based On The Law Of Large Numbers.

True. The seller, unlike the monthly employees, must have a global and annual view of its results. The number of interviews and therefore agreements concluded over a month is not often significant. In addition, a good month can succeed a bad one, and so on.

9-Sell Imposes To Be At The Top Of Its Form

True. The sale is indeed a very physical trade that requires availability and a lot of personal investment – visits in a remote area or appointments late in the evening … – sometimes even very trying for the nerves in times when nothing Is happening or facing difficult customers.

10-Sell Imposes To Know How To Organize

This is especially true for sellers who have a family life. It is also true that by organizing themselves in their movements and compensating them by more frequent holidays, many preserve it without difficulty. Some sectors favor a

Sales Maintenance – The 4C Rule Contact.

1-How To Take Care Of Your Entry On Stage?

It is customary to say that the first two minutes of a business visit are crucial. Dress (tie for men), attitude (smile, look), behavior (posed, natural) … nothing will be left to chance, your image being placed spontaneously in perspective with that of the company you represent! Hence the necessity to make certain efforts of clothing research depending in particular on the sectors surveyed – architectural agencies differ from those of advertising, small restaurants, large tables, etc. Instructions from the consultants: “prepare yourself with a concern for perfection”!

2 -And Your Handshake?

Mark of attention, the handshake is one of the first highlights of the business relationship. The gesture of a frank hand accompanied by a sympathetic look, immediately leaves a positive impression to the interlocutor. Know however that for the English or the Dutch, the shake hands is rather rare. The French handshake requires some restraint with the Danes and the Germans, the latter bowing slightly forward with respect. In any case, whether the Contact phase is distant or very warm (with the Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese), the sales springs remain the same: you have to convince to sell!

3-What Gives A Serious Character To Your Approach?

Your availability and preparation. Being ‘pro’ every morning is a free mind, with everything in hand in your briefcase: notepads, business cards, agenda, prospect or customer, complete and up-to-date address, Calculations, purchase orders, standard contracts, documentation (brochures, brochures, catalogs, prices). Even if we are to repeat a lapalissade, we must also like to sell what we sell. If you lack enthusiasm and do not know enough about your products or the market, there will inevitably be downtime during the interview. Finding one’s words, hesitating, thinking about answers is far from being a guarantee of seriousness in business. Prospection téléphonique is a best way for approach customers.

4-And The Mind In All This?

It is the # 1 trump card of good sellers. As the sports champions say, the performance comes from the head. A test is won by visualizing it well before confronting it. To anticipate an appointment, so the customer approach, ‘review’ the sales pitch and dig your subject (technical advantages of products, value added services compared to competitors, guarantees …), sharpen Your arguments in order to remain firm on the substance (in the face of a request for a concession, for example), to know what behavior to adopt at key moments (conciliatory, combative, player), etc.

5-What Are The Pitfalls To Avoid?

The two main pitfalls in which the seller has no interest in being locked up are the acceptance of an appointment between two doors and start a presentation while the other is busy (reads, writes a note). .). It is better to postpone the interview. The misfits of being in phase with an interlocutor may also sometimes be due to small details: lack of adjustment to his way of being (austere or friendly, concentrated or joking), anxiety to sell at any cost from the first Minutes, entry into matter too arrogant or on the contrary timorous, presentation negligence like to hand over his business card at the beginning of the meeting!

6-What Are The Rules To Observe?

Everything can be played, as was mentioned, during the two minutes of the opening of the interview. Here are five specific rules for professionals: 1- greet the person who welcomes you and then introduce yourself; 2- thank her for receiving you; 3- briefly present the purpose of your visit; 4- ask for permission to take notes; 5- get an agreement on the duration of the interview before starting, especially if your interlocutor is already watching his watch.

7-How To Successfully ‘Walk Through’, Without An Appointment?

Getting in touch is naturally of great importance if you approach merchants-craftsmen, companies … by squaring an area and going door to door. Michaël Aguilar, head of the training firm Aventage and himself a former salesman, gives two solutions in this respect. The first is to “make a promise” (of gain, savings possibly encrypted) that is perceived as a real advantage by the interlocutor. The second is to “make him talk about him” which allows, from the start, to engage the conversation and to begin the next phase, Know, or Discovery.

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