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Guide to Choose a Perfect Hiking Shoes

Anyone who plans on hiking will seriously take into consideration the hiking boots they use. If you have at one point been a distance of several miles from the trail head with a sprained ankle or even painful blisters, you will appreciate the impact of your choice in hiking boots. Choosing the right hiking boots can be the difference between a disaster and a great experience. Your selection will have a considerably large effect on your personal safety and comfort, especially if you are hiking in difficult or rugged terrain.


Before you start comparing hiking shoes reviews in a bid to find out the best in styles and brands, consider your hiking style and the type of terrain you are likely to encounter. Take into account what you prefer. Do you just stroll through the greenbelt or Local Park, or do you take extended treks through the mountains? A hiking boot should be selected depending on the type of terrain you will encounter. Do you plan on carrying a heavy pack? The sturdiness of the boot will be determined by the weight of your pack. Other things you should consider are whether you are an all-weather hike or if you require a heaver waterproof material or a lightweight breathable fabric.

According to hiking boots reviews, modern hiking boots are lighter than older styles. The metal shanks previously used in boots have been replaced with lightweight high-tech material. Additionally, modern fabrics provide many advantages. Keep in mind that a lightweight boot can still provide sufficient support and may be a better over trails that are less rugged. Majority of current day high quality lightweight hiking boots use a Gore-Tex liner that prevents moisture from entering your boot while allowing your feet to breath.

Material Choice.

Fabric and leather styles offer less support than all-weather boots and they are easier to water proof. Even though they lend themselves to rocky terrain, they are less flexible and heavier. Expert hikers have stated that leather boots outlast lighter styles. This may be partly due to the heavier construction and also the fact that they have fewer seams which are usually the weak point in any hiking boot.


Hiking boots reviews suggest that people should have their feet properly measured. They also recommend hikers to wear the thickness and type of sock they will be wearing on their chosen trail when they are trying on different boots. Boots should have a snug fit, but not too tight a fit. Do not forget that they will become more and more comfortable with wear. You should ensure they fit and offer support around your instep and ankle. Good ankle support is very vital especially when you are carrying a pack.

Other Considerations.

Hiking boots will never be as comfortable as your favorite pair of old / new sneakers. However, you will need a different boot should you have pressure points or develop blisters. Hiking boots reviews state that it is better to search for boots with foam padding around the tongue and ankle for comfort. To help you fine-tune for a perfect fit, try out different types of removable inserts

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