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Why Floral Roller Blinds Will Always Be In Fashion

There is one type of blind that no matter what interior designers say, will always be popular.

And that is floral roller blinds.

These are always suitable for a home, regardless of what ‘experts’ or leading designers say.

We Love Them!

Why? Because they are versatile, timeless, classic and suit a décor no matter what year it is. They work in bathrooms, kitchens, living room, bedroom- the list goes on and on. With Make My Blind’s range of floral designs – everything from the subtle and delicate, through to the bold and exciting designs – they have something for everyone.

Looking at their range, and the options available we thought we would share some of them with you and give a few pointers on how best to use each one in your home. Get rid of the old stereotype that floral roller blinds are for people older than you or homes stuck in the 80’s. These are hip, modern and full of character. Perfect for adding a special touch to your otherwise dull and boring interiors.

Let’s Start In The Right Place, Our Favourite Floral Blind.

This was a hard one as there are so many to choose from, but after a quick show of hands we all agreed that the Nina range, and especially the Nina Shadow was the most popular.

We chose this one for several reasons. The darker backing to the fabric makes it a perfect to highlight the more delicate print running across the blind. This is a little less in your face than some of the other, but not too subtle that the pattern is missed or hidden. This is a perfect example of how floral roller blinds can fit into a modern décor and interior. I think most of us can see how you could use this colour scheme in our homes, pair it with a grey throw or cushions for example and you can transform a plainer or bare room in a matter of minutes.

The print is a silver colour, no shine to it, but a matt layer that helps to make this blind standout. The Nina range has several other variants, but out of them all this was our fave!

Let’s continue down the list and look at our very worthy runner up. For us the Satina Petrol was a close 2nd place. This is a darker backed blind, but in a lovely deep blue colour. This is also overlaid with a more delicate silver print (see the trend here?), but this time the pattern is leaves rather than the floral design of the Nina Shadow. The dark blue colour will help add a layer of warmth to a home and a room and is perfect for bedrooms too as it is a blackout fabric. The blackout material means than no light will penetrate through – so if you are a light sleeper then it’s perfect for installing in your bedroom. The thicker material also contains some thermal properties, so you could save on your heating a bit too!

Both of these blinds could have taken 1st place in our little poll, but we still feel that the Nina was a worthy winner.

If you are looking for something a little more floral and a bit less abstract then Make My Blinds has a whole host of options for you to browse over. What’s more, they will even send out free samples to customers in the UK who fancy a look before ordering – not a bad service! I’m not sure if anyone else suffers from the same anxiety as me but when ordering made to measure product, especially blinds online, I tend to panic. With Make My Blinds they are dedicated to making sure that what you order is perfect and with the videos we have seen they are really helping to make this process as easy as possible.

But enough about plugging them, you want to know how to use these blinds in your home? It’s all well and good us telling you they are great unless you know how to use them. We touched briefly on the Satina and how as it’s a blackout fabric you should use this in a bedroom, but really it’s such a good colour and design that we could happily use it anywhere. To make this work in a living room you would be best using some lighter toned colours on the walls, and then pairing the blue of the blind to artwork on the walls or cushions on the sofa. If you really want to go for it add in a colourful 9but blue) rug on the floor to help tie the room together. Neither of these blinds will look out of touch in 2017, 2018, 2019 or beyond!

Look at any interior design blog or magazine and you can see just how easy and, if you are smart, cheap it is to redecorate a room.

With the grey Nina blind we would suggest using this in a larger window, and pairing it with either grey or black items in a room. This fabric is what is called ‘dim-out’, a fabric that isn’t blackout like the Satina blind, but still thick enough to block the light. This makes it ideal for a kitchen or living room where you don’t want to be in total darkness every time you close the blind!

If you are looking for something lighter and brighter, then we love the Othello range, this woodland scene is a great blind for kitchens or for a room that needs improving. The range of tree colours means there is something for everyone and will fit in with every décor.

So if you are looking for new blinds, mainly floral roller blinds, Make My Blinds is a great place to shop. With an easy to use and intuitive website, and with all of their blinds being made to measure – they are a great site for made to measure blinds.

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