Guide To FHA Home Loan – Projects Funded For FHA Home Loans

This guide of the loan of real estate in order to enlighten you on the different stages of your real estate project and more particularly of its financing.


FHA home loan Guide.

Funding always begins with the determination of a project, even if it is only at its beginnings. Projects can be categorized in the following way, each of these categories having specificities linked to its financing.

  • Purchase of a principal residence for the first time
  • Purchase of a principal residence and resale of the previous one
  • Purchase of a rental property
  • Buying a second home
  • Property loan renegotiation

A project or project idea marks the first step in a funding search. Many criteria will interfere with the realization of financing, starting with the profile of the borrower.


Look After Your Borrower Profile.

The profile is one of the most important points of our guide to the borrower because it will be one of the main levers of negotiation facing financial institutions.

A mortgage is a product of appeal to the banks. By granting financing, they loyalize their borrowers for a period equal to the duration of the loan granted. For example, if you apply to your bank, the bank already knows you and knows how to operate with your accounts. It will, therefore, be able to support the strengths and tend towards the best conditions. On the other hand, if you use another institution, it will learn to know you through recent documents (bank statements, savings documents, salary slips, tax notices, etc.). If these documents present anomalies or dysfunctions, they are also likely to be reduced in their ability to negotiate.


Some Tips On The Two Main Criteria Of The Borrower Profile.

The contribution: The more you contribute in the transaction, the lower the risk is for the lending institution, this factor is very important for setting the interest rate. The share of personal contribution shows also your capacity to save and to keep your budgets. It is commonly asked to have at least the additional costs corresponding to the expenses of notary and guarantee however some projects are financed in their entirety with the ancillary expenses, They are called “110% loans”.

Statement of accounts: When preparing your file, the institution will ask you for the last three months of your statements of account. You should avoid bank overdrafts or other items that would show dysfunction in your budget.

In order to negotiate your mortgage, you have to show your best profile.


Estimate Your Borrowing Capacity.

You can use our borrowing capacity simulator to do the calculations yourself. To have a financing envelope calculated at the fairest relative to your borrower profile you can file an inquiry. Without obligation on your part, you will be recalled as soon as possible.


Discover The Types Of Loans And Their Financial Characteristics.

Depending on your project and profile, there are many ways to optimize your financing and various levers that you can play. It is a global financing strategy to be put in place or each metric must be evaluated: Types of real estate loans


Check Current Rates In Your Country And Region.

To get an idea of the best real estate mortgage rates and the average rates offered on the market. The rate is an essential feature of the cost of a loan, but it is not the only element of the expenditure of a loan.

Distinguish the different loan guarantees and their costs

You will discover all the loan guarantees, state guarantees or loan guarantee

Make Your FHA Home Loan.

The insurance borrowers are taken into account to determine the cost of credit, they can equal terms vary from simple to double between contracts or insurance group delegations.


Get The Best Real Estate Financing.

To close this guide to the borrower and direct you to the best way to have an optimized financing, call on our services at 281-860-2533. Without obligation *, our advisors will answer your loan request and will guide you towards the best financing.

* No payment of any kind may be required of an individual before obtaining one or more loans of money.

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