Eating In Morocco During Your Trip

When you go on vacation it is really common to feel hungry all the time. Walking around streets, visiting famous places, taking pictures, meeting new people, trying to understand the language; there are many things you need to do at the same time and you usually end your trip tired and sometimes you just want to go to the hotel and hide there, but what about if instead of staying in your hotel all day you decide to eat some of the best dishes that every country has to offer?


Morocco Tour During You Should know.

If do the Morocco Tour there are many things you should know, and if we talk about food Morocco has a big advantage comparing to other countries. Moroccan dishes are one of the best around the world, Moroccan cuisine it is a combination of several styles and combine sweet and salty elements. It is really delicious and if you are traveling here, after ending  the Morocco Tour you should taste the following dishes.


Popular Dishes Is Tajine.

One of the most popular dishes is Tajine, you can easily find this dish in any restaurant and even international restaurants (outside of Morocco) sometimes offer this dish. The most curious thing about this dish is that the food is served inside a pot and it is also cooked inside of it. The best thing about this dish is that there are many varieties of Tajine so you can choose the one you like the most in case you do not like the vegetable tajine dish for example. You can try the chicken tajine and the lamb tajine, there are many varieties so they can be accompanied with other ingredients and they are usually decorated with lemons. After you try I assure you will want to eat Tajine all days!


Try Couscous.

The first time I tried couscous I immediately fell in love with this dish, I knew it was a typical food from Africa, but then I realized it was a typical dish of Morocco and I got surprised. At first, for people who have try couscous, it may seem like rice but it is kind of different – it does not taste the same as rice there are little granules of semolina and it is served with bird meat or vegetables. Depending of the person who prepares the food, it can be a little spicy.  A big plate of couscous is commonly shared by many people in a Moroccan house. It is so delicious! You can try to eat this dish as a Moroccan using your hands, it will be really funny!



Another famous dish is called Bastillas. At first it may seem like a chicken pie and it is similar to that. It is made with flour filled with onions, meat, parsley and almonds. This is an excellent dish as it offers two sides: salad and sweet, it is perfect for celebrations and it is extremely delicious. You can find these in bakeries or restaurants, they are commonly filled with chicken. Notice that if you are in a Moroccan house and Bastillas is served, this is only an appetizer! So try to take just one slice so you will leave a space for the rest of the food.


If we talk about food, we cannot forget about Moroccan soups, they are delicious and it is really healthy. Harira is a famous Moroccan soup that you need to try, it is made by meat, tomatoes and vegetables.  It includes some spices and some versions may add the meat. You can eat Harira with bread or hard boiled eggs and you can look for this dish in the restaurant menus – remember this is also an appetizer.

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