Guide To Car Rental While Traveling!

Most countries can easily be reached by public transport but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. Likewise, traveling by bus or family train can be a real adventure, so it is sometimes better to choose a car rental.The car rental also offers true freedom and autonomy . We are no longer dependent on a late bus or looking for a taxi to plan his tours cheap rent a car Despite this, the car rental can book surprises and it is better to be vigilant on many points

I therefore propose a small check-list of the elements on which it is necessary to be vigilant with the reservation, the reception and the delivery of your vehicle.

1) Booking a rental car

First, it will be necessary to choose a rental agency. Two options are then possible: booking via an international agency such as Sixt , Hertz, etc. or via a small local agency.

I recommend you opt for an international agency . Indeed, vehicles are generally newer but, above all, if you have a problem on the spot, you can return to your point of reservation in France .

car rental

These renters, however, have the reputation of being expensive compared to locals. I think this is necessary since you make your reservation well in advance using comparators like Cardelmar or Autoescape.

If you opt for spot rentals on the spot at the last minute, it is generally easier and cheaper to pass for locals cheap rent a car The choice will then be difficult to find a reputable renter. I recommend that you seek advice from the owners of the place where you live, who will most often refer you to a reliable person.

After choosing your renter, I recommend that you check the following important points:

authorized rental age (generally attention is 21 years)

need or not for an international driving license (it would be a shame to arrive on the spot and not being able to use your beautiful rental car)

the unlimited mileage is included or not (make an estimate before the number of kilometers you will go to find out if this option is necessary cheap car rental

What happens in case of failure? In France, you can always buy parts and repair yourself but abroad you probably will not want to take care of that and a good and necessary assistance.

are you insured? Find my advice on this point by clicking here .

do you need options (baby seats, etc.)

what type of vehicle do you need? (Do not forget that you have the luggage to carry): Minibus, small economic, 4 × 4 or sport like the new Nissan: you must choose according to your type of trip.

if you want to leave the rental country, are there any additional charges?

can you return the vehicle to another city?

After following these recommendations you can leave with peace of mind and recover your vehicle.

2) The reception of your rental car

Most of the time, you will have already paid for the entire rental. All you have to do is give your car rental voucher and a credit card for the deposit.

You will probably be offered assurances that you can of course refuse if you have verified that you were covered.

Then will come the most important phase: the discovery of the vehicle and its verification. Be very careful about each point and make note of every detail on the document. Here are some important things:

claws and bumps on the bodywork (note all even the smallest)

interior cleanliness of seats and cockpit

presence of mandatory equipment (vest, triangle, etc.): I already had to pay a fine in Mozambique because I did not have the triangle (I admit it was the limit of corruption …)

check the condition of the tires and the presence of a spare wheel.

check that the fuel level is at its maximum

raise mileage (essential if you do not have the unlimited mileage option

Finally, take with you the numbers of assistance of the renter because in case of accident or breakdown, it is him who must be called first because he will probably refuse to cover any costs incurred without his agreement. He will eventually ask you to call the police or make a statement. I also advise you to remove the hubcaps because the rental companies are often very fussy about their condition …

travel car insurance

That’s it, everything is good, you can go to discover a new country …. Stay very vigilant the first hours because even if you are a good driver, the signaling may be different and the behavior of drivers. And yes, we do not drive in the same way in Cairo as in Paris …

3) Return of the rental vehicle

The holidays are over, it’s time to return your vehicle.

First, check the return schedule or you will be charged an additional day. Then do not forget to refuel or return your car with the same level as the reception. Replace the hubcaps if you removed them.

The renter will then check with you the condition of the vehicle. If you have not damaged it, sign the refund document only if it has not made any comments …

In case you have suffered an accident or breakdown, keep with you all the proofs because they will be requested in France by the insurances for the refund of your deposit. Know that even if you were not in error, the deposit will be taken while the lessor takes care of the formalities with the insurance of the third and it can take time. Hence the interest of an international rental agency in case of conflict to have a local contact …

If you follow all these tips, you should have no worries …

And you? Do you opt for car rental? If yes, do you apply these precautions?

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