Find the Best WordPress Host than GoDaddy

Are you tired of your GoDaddy hosting  due to slow server performance and unexpected downtimes?

Well, the reason behind writing this article is to share some of the best GoDaddy alternatives with you. If you are looking for high-quality services then keep reading.

It’s not only you; there are plenty of victims who are searching for the close and trustable web hosts who also provide service like GoDaddy.

And, if you did not try the GD and surprised why people are against them, then have alookat these activities of them.

  • Not too old, when GoDaddy most of the services got compromised like domain, email, hosting
  • At first, they support SOPA (a bill against internet freedom) but later they turn against it because thousands of their customers left the company for this.
  • In the past company higher management involving in unethical activities like killing of innocent elephant and posting it proudly over the internet.
  • The company used unethical advertising tactics like Ads contains sexual approach to attract the customers – Did you think the company providing domain and hosting services should do this?
  • Introductory traps. They offer very low rate for the 1st year of subscription and in the next year the renewal rates are sky high. So why to pay more money to them while there are many reliable companies offering services at low introductory and renewal rates.


There is also many other reasons like frequent downtime, low-speed servers, old technology, too much up selling for trapping the new customers that make people frustrate. So, I decided to compose a list of best GoDaddy alternatives. In my view, these are very close alternatives to Godaddy that makes you feel free and relax with them.

1. InMotion Hosting.

InMotion is one of the best WordPress Hosting companies in the industry. I know they are a bit of expensive than the Godaddy. But while shifting from “GD” to “IM,” you feel that the increment in price is in your favor. Because they offer Max speed zones, SSD drives and free data backup to make their servers works fast and secure so that ultimately your site will get the benefit.

They are known for their support services and available for their customers at Skype, phone, live chat and emails. They are available whenever you need help. And their response is quite fast. On the other hand, GoDaddy did not offer24/7live chat. You can contact them during specific hours.

You will get a free domain name and can host 2 domains on the “Launch” (smallest) plan. Moreover, this plan includes unlimited bandwidth and storage. This plan can easily handle the medium traffic websites. Along with all this, they offer 90 days money back guarantee. So, sit back and relax you have 90 days to test them.

Don’t take too much time for the decision, Grab an InMotion Hosting plans as per your requirements. I am sure you will feel secure and satisfied with them.

2. Site Ground

If you are WordPress use, then you will rely on SiteGround because recommends their services. The are well known among the bloggers. You can judge the company professionalism by seeing that they offer advanced tech services along with handcrafted tools.

SiteGround has established data centers in three major regions USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. All facilities are powered by generators & UPS and protected by human guards &video surveillance to avoid any un-invited situation.

The fast support services are given to the clients by using phone, chat and tickets. I found their response quite fast. In my opinion a friendly support and quick support feels like that they are very near to you. Also they maintain videos tutorials and articles for the convenience of their users.

The plans includes SuperChacher, Nigix, PHP7, SSD drives helps to run your website and blog blazingly fast. Moreover, company monitor the server’s performance 24/7 and account isolation technique. The account isolation helps to protect each user account separately. So, if an account getvulnerable then it will not affect the others.

On the “StartUp” plan you can host website along with 20GB SSD-storage. You will also get lots of freebies like free SSL, CDN, domain name, Daily Backup, Site Builder and many more. The “StartUP” plan can handle 10,000 visitors/mo. So in my opinion this plans for the new and low traffic websites.


The company that was started in 2002 and soon earn so much fame. In 2012 EIG acquired this company. Now the company grow so much and have tons of happy customers. The company is known due to their cheap hosting plans which are rich in features along with $200 .

Like the above mentioned hosting companies you can host any web platform like WordPress, Magento, Drupal etc. They offer various types of hosting services including VPS, Dedicated, WordPress Managed, shared and reseller.

The company claim to provide the 24/7 support services. But I found that sometime they are lazy and response comes a bit late. But still unlike to the GoDaddy they are quick and friendly enough. The knowledgebase is full of helpful articles while GoDaddy knowledgebase also includes helpful material with lots of upsell contents.

They offer 99.9% Uptime guarantee with fair speed of serves. The smallest plan named as “Hatchling” which can host one website and offer unlimited bandwidth. I would recommend you “Baby” plan which also offer unlimited bandwidth but you can host unlimited domains on single account.


Above all are the best comapnies that you can use for Hosting, SSL, and Email marketing purpose. So, if you want a web hosting account for traffic site then InMotion is the best one. But if you have limited traffic websites then SiteGround would be a great choice. (Keep in mind, they allow only limited visits per plan). So, In that case if you have more than 10,000 visitors per month buy higher plan of SiteGround or shift to InMotion. The point is all are the best just choose anyone as per your requirements.

I hope this article will help you choose the best hosting and domain registration service. All the above companies can be used instead of GoDaddy hosting as they offer some thing more valuable.

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