What is the Best Hair Color for me?

Color this figure, color that wall, color this dress or color that door are the common phrases a person hears daily but color my hair is somewhat a significant phrase, as human is interested in appearance since he opens his eyes. This phrase was common since ancient time but the way was quite different. Archeologists discovered that early man also used to color their hairs using minerals, plants or insects. Then in 1500 B.C Egyptians use henna to color their hairs. So, in the early times, mostly dye was obtained from natural resources. Hair dye for that era washenna, indigo, turmeric, senna and amla. For the first time, synthetic dyes were discovered by Eugene Schueller in 1860.

Hair style changed the look of a person but a suitable hair color over that style could make it more fascinating. Colors can be of so many varieties but it is necessary to have a suitable hair color which is compatible with your skin tone, with your face shape, and also with your eye color. Highlighting different colors over the hairs also vary.

Hair Color For Different Skin Tone.

Skin tone passes on to the generation through genes. There are hundreds of skin tones all over the globe like West Asians skin ranges from peach to dark brown while those of South Asians ranges from light brown to dark brown. Similarly, Europeans got a white skin from their ancestors. When you go to a Salon and watch around which is the best hair color for me? To know about this first and foremost you should know about your skin tone. Peach skin tone favor deep copper and deep ruby hair colors, as it will make the features prominent and attractive. Butterscotch hair color in blondes usually compliments light brown skin tone. Best hair colors for dark skin tone are light ash brown or golden blonde. Jet black is somewhat best hair color for all types of skin tones.

Hair Color For Different Face Shape.

Highlighting hairs with different colors is an emerging trend. Highlights mostly depend on face shape. Different face shapes like square, round, long or heart shape compliment different highlights. Square face shapes favor highlights which are evenly spread with multi-tonal layers throughout the hairs while light tones of colors applied on the lower half of hairs are suitable for round face individuals. Oval face shape is the one which everyone wants, as it favors all sorts of tones and styles.

Hair Color For Different Eye Colors.

Eye color differs over the globe, but the most common one is brown. Eye colors matter for hair dye and it is one of the best ways to find suitable hair color. Deep colors such as brown, dark red are the most appropriate hair colors for brown eyes people. Golden brown, chestnut brown or platinum blonde auburn are compatible with blue eyes people while green eyes people can have strawberry blonde or copper color. Considering eye color can make the eyes prominent.

So, the best hair color for me would be the one which suited my skin tone, my face shape or my eye color.

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