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Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Dyson’s canister vacuums utilize their mark ball molded outline, which makes full utilization of their spiral tornado innovation. While Shark doesn’t make any conventional canister vacuums, they do offer a couple LiftAway models which can change over to a canister plan. We’ve contrasted one of these cross breed vacuums with Dyson’s top of the line canister.

1. Dyson Ball Multifloor.

This ball-plan canister vacuum is Dyson’s smash hit display. It depends on their zero-turn focal ball framework, and has been upgraded with new spiral violent wind suction frameworks.


The focal ball configuration makes the canister considerably less demanding to move than some contending models. Since the canister swivels in the middle, there’s no turn sweep whatsoever.

Analysts said that the best part is it never flips over on its side. On the off chance that you’ve utilized different canisters some time recently, you’ll know the amount of a torment that can be–not to say dangerous for the vacuum parts.

The cyclonic suction framework makes radial compel to isolate out fine clean particles and coarseness. It spares the channel, enhances wind stream to the engine, and keeps suction levels steady.

The clean tidy canister exhausts with a catch.

Between the 11 foot hose and 21 foot control string, you’ll have a little more than 32 feet of cleaning sweep. The power rope withdraws into the canister for capacity.


It’s not an extraordinary thought for medium-heap or more profound rugs. The brush head is littler and smaller than you’d need for one end to the other cover, and it essentially doesn’t have the ability to truly delve into profound heap.

It feels and looks light and plasticky–a disillusionment given the sticker price.

It’s irritating to store, since the canister and wand don’t hold up.

2. Shark Rotator.

Shark offers this lift-off upright as a contrasting option to canister vacuums. The lift-off outline and discretionary, wheeled caddy accomplish truly comparable adaptability. It can achieve pretty much anyplace a canister vacuum would, while giving the upright mode, too!


It’s a 3-in-1 vacuum. You can utilize it as a full upright, as a lift-away model close by, or as a canister, utilizing the included caddy. While you most likely needn’t bother with each of the three, it’s pleasant to be capable pick the alternative that works best for you.

The brush-head is fueled, both in upright and canister mode. We cherish that it has an arrangement of lights along the front, so you can perceive what you’re managing. The neck joint additionally swivels for better mobility.

Shark makes a novel hardwood floor connection that is incorporated with this model. It consolidates a suction head with a microfiber sweeper cushion. You’ll vacuum up all the substantial trash, and the microfiber will deal with all the undetectable clean particles and surface soil. In addition, you’re cleaning your floors as you vacuum. This connection is one of the best we’ve seen for hardwood floors.


It’s genuinely overwhelming. In case you’re expecting a lightweight vacuum, you might be baffled.

Past purchasers said in their surveys that you’ll need to wash the channels out significantly more as often as possible than the suggested 3-month interims. That is on the grounds that the cyclonic suction isn’t as exceedingly fueled or finely tuned as the Dyson’s.

2. Shark Rocket TruePet.

This cleaning tips fits in a comparative specialty to the Dyson V6, however costs about half to such an extent. We’re awed that it has the cover cleaning force of an upright, with included flexibility around the house.



The controlled floor head has thick swarms that can deal with any sort of cover. It has two speed settings, so you can pick what’s suitable for your floor coverings.

The engine head additionally has an arrangement of headlights, so you can better observe what you’re doing. It likewise has swivel controlling, and a position of safety that can fit under furniture.

There’s additionally an arrangement of headlights on the handheld unit, so you can see up into dusty alcoves and corners as you clean overhead. The lights are a decent favorable position over the Dyson V6.


The engine is just 4 amps. While Dyson doesn’t give specs all alone model, commentators who utilized both said the Shark approached, yet wasn’t exactly as capable.

Like the Dyson, it’s exceptionally beat substantial, and doesn’t stand up all alone.

The cover head doesn’t make an awesome showing with regards to around the edges of a room. It’s additionally truly little, so past purchasers said it took them for a short time to cover a cover.

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