Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Right Laser Rangefinders

Did you know that choosing a  good laser rangefinder depends firstly on the use you make of it? That is why we invite you to browse our guide to help better you make the right choice. We hope the following will guide you in purchasing your next laser device. If you want to buy a good laser rangefinder, you can make your purchase from the world’s largest supermarket, Amazon.

Rangefinders By Area Of Use.

Rangefinders For Hunting.

If you are looking for a rangefinder for hunting purpose, you will have to focus more on rangefinder’s area of measurement. I recommend you to choose a rangefinder that has a measurement are around 800-1200 yards. You will again need to find a rangefinder that is rainproof. As you will hunt mainly on any deep forest and rain might come anytime.

Rangefinders For Golf.

If you are trying to have a rangefinder for playing golf, I will suggest you buy the best golf rangefinder from the market. Some things you will have to keep in mind.

  • Accuracy
  • Distance
  • Waterproof Body
  • Other Features

What Type Of Rangefinder To Choose?

Q:There are different types of rangefinders. But why are we trying to find out about the laser range finders rather than on ultrasound or infrared?

Reply: Certainly, ultrasonic rangefinders are significantly less expensive models (usually sold between 15 and 60.00 euros depending on the model, for a range of approximately 15 to 20 meters), but they do not have the same accuracy rate as rangefinders laser, especially over long distances. Indeed, the sound waves are very sensitive to the environment. In the case of a piece of flat for example, furniture alone would be enough to disturb the measurement. Not very practical! In our humble opinion, ultrasonic rangefinders are closer to the gadget that the true measurement tool.

The infrared rangefinders, in turn, require reflectors! These models are mainly used in fixed installation (because the timing is difficult to implement). We often resort to the use of infrared rangefinders in the economic sector of the building and public works (to monitor a structure, for example).


Be careful not to confuse the terms “laser rangefinder” with “ultrasonic range finder with a laser pointer.” On the latter, the laser is only used to facilitate the pointing, but it is in no way used for the measurement calculation.

Good. That said, let’s move on to our guide 😉

The Battery.

A majority of new consumers worry about the battery life. Now the batteries are changed once a year during intensive use of the laser rangefinder. It’s worth it to take the cabbage for so little? 🙂

If you are a professional and that you frequently use your rangefinder, you’re definitely not reading this guide 😉 If you are not a professional, BUT you still intend to measure distances for all, keep a spare set of batteries 😉

This is also a reflex that you should have for each use of your device! Keep in mind that weather conditions (summer and winter) can affect the life of a battery.

The Size And Weight.

The size and weight of the unit are unquestionably the two most important parameters for a range finder! While choosing a light and compact instrument is crucial to your hunting session, it will be exactly the opposite for use on a golf course.

Anyway, the best rangefinders will always be the one you’ll keep on hand (in the pocket of your shirt or your pants).

The Different Priority Modes.

When rangefinder reads the first object that is in his sights ignoring other objects around, we say that the rangefinder is in a priority mode. By cons, if the rangefinder ignores the first object to read another set in a background, it is said that the rangefinder is in a second priority mode.

Do Not Be Influenced By The Name Rangefinders Sold On The Market!

It’s a classic mistake! Did you know that most laser rangefinders were marketed under names giving maximum read distance? This is sometimes a very compelling commercial argument! However, the name of a rangefinder misled most consumers who have no experience in this area, because the distance is displayed only applies under optimal weather conditions or gigantic reflective surfaces. Think about it 😉

Buy A Laser Rangefinder?

I recommend that you buy a laser rangefinder. I personally use laser rangefinder on the courses and believe me it is super easy and very accurate.

Or Buy A GPS watch.

You can whether buy a laser rangefinder, or you can buy a GPS watch. You will need to choose the best golf GPS watch for you more carefully.

In Conclusion.

Many parameters come into play when choosing the laser rangefinder to be purchased. The best advice we can give you is to read and participate in discussion forums or to read consumer reviews on blogs, forums or you can check the

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