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This is the novelty of the Avast Activation Code 2017 security suite: a service can manage all passwords and create intricate, tamper-proof codes.

A majority of users use one and the same password for all websites. And, all too often, this code is childishly simple: between password1234, your dog’s name, your child’s date of birth or your favorite hero … we are far from the basic safety rules. Fortunately, Avast Activation Code 2017 now incorporates a management system – and creation – of passwords.

This option allows you to get rid of having to retain dozens of complex codes, associating letters, numbers, capitals, lowercase and special characters. Avast 2017 becomes your memory for all these codes. Here’s how to activate it.


– Designate Avast As A Password Manager.

Open the management panel before 2017. From the top four options in the center of the window, click on the third one whose logo is a key and under which is written ” Passwords “. Options appear. Choose ” Overview “. There, click on the ” Continue ” button .

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Create A Master Password.

This will be the only code that you must remember because it is the key to the whole system. As a security measure, you have to imagine a complex password , not a simple word or information that a little malignant person can find.


– Let The Extensions Install

Avast 2017 will want to add extensions to your Internet browser (s) (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer …) so that the system of passwords works every time you surf the Web. Click “Install Extension” whenever you deem it necessary. And in the browser that opens, validate the operation by pressing ” Activate extension “. When done, go back to the Avast control panel and click ” Continue .”

The functionality is now ready for use. All you have to do is click on the ” Start using Avast Activation Code ” button .


How Do I Use The Password Manager?

Once the option is active, open your browser and try to connect to the account of your choice (for example, your email account or Facebook account). Go to the settings and ask to change your password. At this point, the Avast Passwords extension comes into action and a small logo appears in the password field.

Click on it and the system will randomly generate a code. All you have to do is validate for the change to take effect. At the same time, the new password is now saved and the login fields will be filled in automatically each time you try to connect. And if it’s not on your usual machine, it’s possible to download an application (Android and iOS) or connect to any computer where the feature is installed.

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