7 Ways To Lower Your Expectations Of Love & Heighten True Happiness!

  1. Stop sweating the small things and enjoy the positives. If your daily gripe in life is the loathing of dirty socks on the floor. I’m sure picking them up would make the world of difference especially if the planet blew up tomorrow. You’d be definitely grateful sitting in heaven knowing the socks were in the clothes hamper before it exploded!
  1. Clean up your own negatives. A lot of the reason for the initial need to communicate on any subject is a lack of control in mindless thinking. Or uncontrolled thoughts. Half the time, the problem is in your head vs an actual reality. Meditate girlfriend, sit in the long grass somewhere and just stop it!
  1. Love your own skin. Despite your opinion your man loves your body. Get intimate with it, love and appreciate it. If need be, eat a little less and exercise a little more. Strengthen your mind, body & soul, it’s sexy. Try wearing just your smile and see how many jobs get done and at free will.
  1. Aphrodisiacs will put a permanent smile on your face. Admittedly you’ll be changing the sheets more often, but it’s worth it! Chocolate is a favourite Aphrodisiac of mine, it tastes good, it gets sticky when hot and gives you ample energy for a long lasting session! I’ll leave the activity of such to your perfectly good imagination.


  1. He’s your best friend, so stop being a bitch! It’s your inherited nature to nurture. This doesn’t mean you should become a doormat, far from it. Try spontaneously running your hand up the back of his neck and through his hair. Give him a massage, after what appears to be a stressful day. Put beer in the fridge just because it’s thoughtful.
  1. They don’t like talking about feelings very often. So when he does, don’t forget to “stop talking” and listen. You’ll be surprised at how often he will be prepared to open up, if you learn to listen, that is. For example, if you go into a men’s department store, it’s nice and quiet. Go into a women’s shoe store, you can hardly focus and read the price tag! The amount of talking, speaking and shouting is horrendous. At times I’m pleased I can shop in peace online. If men are being taught to talk, women should be taught to stop talking.
  1. The big almighty Finale. He is Your Yin and You his Yang. At times it may seem you are worlds apart, although you are both in the same room. He needs this time to think like you need this time to talk. Instead of using him, look to communicate in silence with your soul. For comfort in solitude is a powerful strength you unknowingly and already possess. When the time is right you get to enjoy steps 3 & 4 all over again but with intense passion! (A good supply of quality chocolate is therefore in order.)

I am all into women’s rights, equality and independence. Equally I am also into having no expectation in another for my benefit, gratification or my happiness. Likewise expecting a man to be like a women is equal to a fish walking on land.


I love, cherish and adore the man in my life for the way his side of the closet is always a disaster. For the way his shoes are mixed up and muddy. For the way he easily fixes things and mows the lawn without a shirt. For the hot water he burns, the female body he so lovingly appreciates. For his hands on my thighs to the smile he gives me when he sees mine. For the strong embrace when held against his chest and the arousing smell of his body. Most of all I love him because he is genetically, biologically and emotionally the complete and utter opposite of me!

Appreciate the opposite qualities in your man. Because you will effectively have no expectation or judgement, other than “what is”. Likewise and as it should be, you’ll also experience what it feels like to truly love and be loved.

As an addition to this know that there are several services that can help you with this such as couple counselling or even spiritual help, in Germany there is a specific well known service known as Partnerrückführung that will help you with issues related to love and relationships.

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